Pro Bono/Community Service for Lawyers

Members of Chicago’s legal community are making a difference in Chicago every day by donating thousands of hours in free legal services or financially supporting the organizations that provide such services. The CBA offers may ways to give back by providing access to pro bono and volunteer programs as well as sponsoring free legal training sessions to educate volunteers.

Opportunities through The Chicago Bar Foundation

You can contribute your time and talents to make a difference for someone who needs legal help. Legal aid organizations continue to face increasing demands for their services, and pro bono attorneys are an important supplement to these efforts. For more information about pro bono opportunities and how to get involved: 
  • Visit the online Pro Bono Opportunities Guide to access the most current and comprehensive listing of pro bono opportunities in Illinois. Sort through more than 100 pro bono opportunities by area of law, type of client, or scope of work.
  • Still have questions or need help finding the right fit? Want to request hard copies of the Pro Bono Opportunities Guide? Visit The Chicago Bar Foundation’s Pro Bono Resources page or contact Elise Tincher, Associate Director of Programs & Advocacy at The Chicago Bar Foundation at 312-554-1207 or

Community Service through the Young Lawyers Section

Members can connect with community service and pro bono opportunities through the CBA's Young Lawyers Section. Section sponsored opportunities are often extended to law students and all members of the CBA. Learn more about YLS Volunteer Opportunities

Teach Constitutional Rights through the Lawyers in the Classroom Program

The Lawyers in the Classroom Program pairs teachers and attorneys to provide multiple authentic interactive learning opportunities that allow students to enhance critical thinking, learn to work collaboratively, and develop their civil discourse skills. Interested volunteers can contact Tiffani Watson at or (312) 554-2060 to learn more. 


Mentor Youth through the Lawyers Lend-A-Hand to Youth Program

The Lawyers Lend-A-Hand to Youth Program channels the legal community's resources to promote best practice tutoring and mentoring programs in disadvantaged communities that foster consistent, long-term bonds between adults and youth. Lend-A-Hand recruits volunteers from the legal profession to serve as mentors and board members for mentoring programs across Chicago. In 2011, Lend-A-Hand supported 38 programs serving 12,000 Chicago area youth. Learn more about the program.