September/October 2023 CBA Record

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September October 2023 CBA Record Cover

CBA 2022 Flash Fiction Contest Winners:

1st Place: Unlocking the Heart of Law by Sandra D. Mertens

2nd Place: Dark of Day by Blake Shuart  (in PDF)

3rd Place: Going Up by Jack Leyhane  (in PDF)

Inside the issue:

Getting Personal with Pro Bono: Stories from 3 Attorneys & Their Clients
By Jennifer Weed, Stacia Frens and Chanda Rice

Helping Immigrants Arriving in Chicago
By Stephanie Spiro and Amina Najib

CBA 150th Anniversary Celebration: The Early Years, 1899-1924
By Kathryn C. Liss

Pro Bono Opportunities are a Two-Way Street
By Martin D. Gould

Get Involved in Your Community, Not Just the Legal Community
By Jake Berger