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If you are a previous member of The Chicago Bar Association and would like to reinstate your membership, please provide us with your Last Name and Birthdate so we can retrieve your record and begin the reinstatement process. If you were previously a member under a different name (ie maiden name), please enter your previous name so we can retrieve this record for you to update.
If you are a current law student wishing to reinstate your law student membership, please call (312) 554-2135.
Members are dropped on August 31st for nonpayment of dues. Dropped members who wish to reinstate September - November will be required to pay full annual dues. Dropped members who wish to reinstate December - May will be required to pay half the annual dues plus a reinstatement free (25% of annual dues to cover the time when benefits were extended June - August).
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Birthdate:  (mm/dd/yyyy)
Note: If you cannot access your previous member record online, most likely it is because we do not have your birthdate on file. Please email to have your birthdate added to your record in order to complete the reinstatement process online.