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Judicial Evaluation

March 18, 2014 Primary Election:

The Association's Judicial Evaluation Committee (JEC) invites you to view its evaluation of judicial candidates seeking election to vacancies on the Illinois Appellate Court and the Circuit Court of Cook County in the upcoming Primary Election to be held Tuesday, March 18, 2014. Please take this information with you to your polling place and remember to vote the Judicial Ballot. Also, feel free to share our findings with your friends, relatives and colleagues.


We urge you to vote for judicial candidates seeking election found Qualified or Highly Qualified.


View our complete findings in the Green Guide to Judicial Candidates. 

View a two-page, printable Pocket Guide (take this quick guide with you to vote). 


Get the Pocket Guide on your smart phone at (see instructions for saving to your iPhone below).

Paid for by The Chicago Bar Association 2014 Judicial Evaluation Fund.
A copy of The CBA Report is available from the State Board of Elections.


About the JEC:
By Board resolution, the Judicial Evaluation Committee (JEC) is the semi-autonomous committee of The Chicago Bar Association that conducts evaluations of candidates for judicial offices and sitting judges seeking retention within Cook County. As a service to the public, the CBA reports the findings of the JEC for all elections. The evaluations are designed to inform the public and the courts of the qualifications, independence and integrity of judicial candidates. The CBA believes that the quality of the administration of justice in our courts is determined in large part by the quality of our judges. If you have any questions, please call or email Therese Kurth at 312-554-2043. Members of the press, please contact Linda Heacox, CBA Public Relations Director, at 312-554-2012.

To access JEC forms and resources, use the navigation menu to the left.


Save a Quick Link to Our Judicial Evaluations on Your iPhone:
1 – Use your search engine to look up The Chicago Bar Association.
2 – Select The Chicago Bar Association home page.
3 – You will be directed to our mobile site – select the action button at the bottom of  your screen (box with an arrow).
4 -  On the popup menu, touch the “Add to Home Screen” option.  
5 – You will be able to name the icon – “CBA Judicial Evaluations” and select Add.

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