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Joint YLS Creative Arts & CBA Media & Entertainment Meeting
Date: 01/21/2014
Location: The Chicago Bar Association, 321 South Plymouth Court, Chicago, IL 60604
Presented by: YLS Creative Arts, Media & Entertainment Law

SPEAKER: Kit Brough, Groupon
TOPIC: Legally Creative: An overview of legal concerns that individuals in the creative arts face including starting a small business, creating basic privacy policies and terms for websites, registering copyrights when publishing a book, and how the FTC disclosures apply to the creative arts.

Kit Brough is a Regulatory Specialist for Groupon and is also the author of The Gourmet Grilled Cheese Cookbook and, a food site focused on original and practical recipes. Kit's work has been featured on Refinery 29, Eater, The Frisky, 300 Sandwiches, One Woman Shop, Break Thru Radio and The Urbaness. She is also a founding member of The Second City Food Wine + Social Club and the Windy City Blogger Collective.