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Health Law Committee
Date: 06/26/2013
Location: The Chicago Bar Association, 321 South Plymouth Court, Chicago, IL 60604
Presented by: Health Law
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TOPIC: What You Should Know about Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers

SPEAKERS: Valerie Breslin Montague, Partner, Ungaretti & Harris, LLP
Linnea Windel, CEO, VNA Health (FQHC)
Federally Qualified Healthcare Centers ("FQHCs") are on the cutting edge of healthcare delivery. Attorneys who practice in the area of Health Law have an opportunity to learn background information about FQHCs (what they are and what they do) as well as examples of the arrangements that FQHCs are making with hospitals and other healthcare providers. Highlights of this presentation will include: " How FQHCs evolved and what they are today (legal structure) " Role of Counsel to Assist FQHCs " Types of Transactions/ventures/affiliations and related legal issues " Affiliations with Hospitals " Participation in ACOs " Future thoughts " Hear from the CEO of an FQHC who has executed various arrangements