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E Discovery Law Committee
Date: 02/13/2013
Location: Project Leadership Associates, 120 S. LaSalle St., Suite 1400, Chicago, IL 60603
Presented by: E-Discovery Committee

TOPIC: Computer Forensics 101: An Introduction to Computer Forensics Investigations

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Lunch will be served

During this course, our forensic experts give a high-level overview of a typical computer forensic investigation. We discuss the terminology, basic strategies and protocol that go into a successful investigation. These foundational elements will help you better understand how to prepare for a computer-related investigation, what to look for when searching computer and networks, and what questions you should ask your IT staff when you get a litigation or investigation trigger.
" What is Computer Forensics
" Types of Cases
" Goals of a Computer Forensic Investigation
" The Five Phases of a Computer Forensics Investigation
" Questions