CBA Productions Inc.

Mission Statement:

With the influential role of television in our society and its potential as a powerful educational tool, the mission of CBA-TV is to create television programming of various types and formats to communicate directly with the general public about specific areas of law, the role of lawyers in society (both in and outside the courtroom) and important law-related issues.

  • CBA-TV is committed to producing high-quality television programs, both in terms of substance and technical quality, targeted to the general public and other audiences as may be appropriate. Programming may be produced for the benefit of and in cooperation with CBA or other bona fide organizations. CBA-TV programming will seek to be objective and fair at all times, without taking an identifiable editorial position. Opinions expressed by program guests are theirs exclusively.
  • CBA-TV programming will not contain specific, substantive legal counsel to viewers. Specific case studies may be presented and general legal principles may be explored.
  • Recognizing that CBA-TV members serve as volunteers, CBA-TV will undertake to train its members (or make training available) in technical areas of television production.
  • CBA-TV is also committed to diversity -- in its member ranks as well as in the programs it produces. Any member of the CBA will be welcome to participate in the formulation and development of programming.



In addition to producing "You and the Law," CBA Television Productions Inc. provides low-cost production services to governmental, legal and civic organizations. Contact Television Chair Jeannine Cordero at 312-933-3836 to find out how we can help with your next project.


Recent Projects Include:

  • The Circuit Court of Cook County Traffic Court PSA
  • Public Service Announcement produced for broadcast TV informing the public about Traffic Court's changing location
  • The Chicago Bar Association Alliance For Women